Table of Contents with Level 4 Heading


Creating a table of contents in Word when you need to include Level 4 headings.


This is for users who already know how to generate a table of contents in Word.

FYI APA style does not require a table of contents.


Word can automatically generate a table of contents based on the heading styles used in a document. In order to do this the entire paragraph must be formatted as a heading style. A level 4 APA heading is not applied to an entire paragraph and, therefore, Word won't include the level 4 headings in the table of contents (toc).


The simplest solution is to manually add these topics to your table of contents after Word generates it.


Below are the steps needed to tell Word how to automatically add these topics to a toc. It looks complicated because we've broken this down into a series of individual steps but it is not too hard after you do it a couple of times.

Type the paragraph and format as needed by either using Heading 4-APA or manually italicizing those words that constitute the heading.

 Click in front of the heading

 Click Insert, Field

 Scroll down on right box to find "TC" and click once on it.

 In the box that gets filled with "TC" click after "TC" and type to make it look like this:

TC "my topic" \l 4


\l is an L not a 1. "My Topic" should be the text you want displayed in the toc. "4" tells Word to sort this to the 4th level

Do this for each heading 4 for topic

When ready to make a toc:

Click insert, Index and Tables

Click on the Table of Contents tab, just like you normally would

Click on Options

Put a check in the box that says "Table entry fields"

Click OK on the options screen

Click OK on the TOC screen


If you need to see the fields you manually entered (to correct a typo or whatever):

- click Tools, Options, View

- check Hidden Text