Reveal format codes in Word


The closest you can get to the reveal codes is to display the complete formatting information that Word is applying to a character or paragraph. You can do this by following these steps:


Press Shift+F1. (In Word 6 or Word 95 you can also click on the toolbar tool that shows a mouse pointer with a question mark. In Word 97 you can choose What's This? from the Help menu.) This causes the mouse pointer to change to an arrow with a question mark beside it.

Point to the character or paragraph in question and click the mouse button.

When you do this, Word displays a "balloon" that looks like the dialog balloons used in some cartoons. The balloon contains detailed information about the formatting of the character you pointed to, as well as the paragraph in which the character appears. You now have two options:

Click on a different character to see more formatting information.

Press Esc to make the balloons go away and return the mouse pointer to normal