Attaching a template to a document


Problem: your Word document has become detached from the APA or MLA template and you don't have the APA or MLA menu anymore.

Cause: you did not start this document with our template or you moved this document to another computer that does not have our template installed and then moved it back to the original computer. FYI, this second scenario does not always cause this problem.


Solution: reattach the template to the document

Open the document in Word

In Word prior to Word 2007: Click Tools, Templates and add-ins.
In Word 2007: Click the Office Button, Word Options, Add-ins.  Change the Manage choice to Templates and click Go.
In Word 2010: Click File, Options Add-ins.  Change the Manage choice to Templates and click Go

Click on Attach

Change files of type to "All"

Select either the APA or MLA template.  APA is currently named APA6thEd.wiz or just APA6thEd.  The MLA is currently named